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March 9

I have gathered a lot of information about my plants, the lettuce has been really important. For the moment, my plants are still alive and growing. Although I expect them to die over Spring Break, if they survive I will transplant them into the garden. For basic information, I find that many herbs with an incubation period or grow very slowly live longer on flatter angles, where plants that grow fast such as lettuce live long and grow more on steeper angles.

March 2

As of this moment, all of my fish are dead, my plants will no longer receive nutrition from the water and I believe that they will die shortly. Hopefully, they will last long enough for me to get enough data for my Science & Tech 11 project. All the plants have sprouted and the lettuce in more dirt based substitute has grown higher than the other lettuce and has reached over the brim of the gutters and has grown towards the sunlight. Overall all of the plants have grown better in the more dirt based substitute, also, the basil and thyme have grown better at the steepest angle, but the lettuce has grown well on all of the angles.

Photos coming soon

Feb. 24

I had high hopes for my plants, but my fish have begun to die recently. I believe that they have contracted a disease. This disease has lowered the number of my fish from 10 to 3 in the past week. Although my partner, Emma, likes these turns of events as it most likely means that I must get more fish, she wants tropical angel fish. My plants are still alive and growing though they have all sprouted. The lettuce is the fast one to grow, but the basil is a bit slow. The thyme usually has a danger period of freezing, but it seems to have gotten through this period quite quickly and is growing at the same rate of the basil. I’ve noticed that the plants on steeper angles are growing faster than the other rows, also the plants in the more dirt based substitute are sprouting more than the one in the other substitute. Luckily the substitutes can hold water for 3-4 days which makes the plants easily survive the weekends, I give them water three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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Feb. 17


It has been one week since we started our experiment, so far the lettuce has begun to sprout but the others are still hidden under the soil.


Feb. 10

For Science & Tech 11 we were given the option to choose our own projects, my partner, Emma, and I chose to plant different types of plants in my vertical garden at different points to see which plant grows better where. We decided to plant Basil, Lettuce, and Thyme. We’ve put one of each of the different plants together in all of the rows. Since the rows are tilted at different angles the water goes faster/slower than the others which will hopefully result in a different growth rate. There are two rows for each angle, in one set of rows the plants are in a dirt substitute which can hold water for up to 5 days and in the other set of rows the plants are in a different dirt substitute which has closer qualities to dirt than the first substitute.



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