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Jan. 3

Recently I’ve moved away from my last project, the Robot, so that this project won’t be similar. Mr. Sarte has finished adding Xcode to the Macs at school, therefore I’ve begun to learn about Xcode to hopefully create an app in the near future. So far I’ve learned the basic tools, guidelines, placement, tabs, and such. The next few lessons will involve the coding and will give me the final part of what I need to create an app.

Oct. 26

prototype-calf-1With my previous design being successful I’ve begun to create the “Calf” piece. This piece is very different since it’s on the side of the servo. I have to add side the connect by the screws like my latest design. It still needs plenty of testing and measuring, so, for now, my design is pretty basic and I haven’t added any spikes yet. The front platform is to confirm whether or not I can extend and add the “foot” of my robot to this design as well so that it’ll be connected.

Oct. 12photo-2

Since my “Spike Prototype 2” looks nice and doesn’t mess with the robot’s functions in any way I’m now shifting my focus to the next part. I think I’ll do the “Calf” armor next, now this will be the hardest part of armor to design. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get the 3D printer design for the servo casing and add on to that. If everything works out then I might just make one “Calf” armor piece have an extendable sword.

Sept. 22

After building my first prototype I found many features which could be changed or improved. 3 hours of tinkering later I’ve created this new and improved robot shoulder pad. I also learned various types of shortcuts for FreeCad, which is the program which I’m using to create the 3D models. After printing “Spike Prototype 1” I realized that the spikes can’t be pointing when that small since our printer isn’t precise enough. Along with some feedback from friends I’ve redone the model and named it “Spike Prototype 2”. Hopefully, it will print better.


————Spike Prototype 1—————————–Spike Prototype 2———-

Sept. 19img_1272

For my first ICTX project, I’ve decided to make 3D printed battle armor for the “Six” (A six-legged robot). Since the “Six” has multiple legs which each have 2 servos I have to create armor that will not impede with the Six’s movement. So far I’ve started creating a “shoulder pad” and it will be connected to the screws that hold the servo together. This is the first photo of my prototype. This will be the basic structure and a better design will be added later.



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