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ISearch – Dracula


January 9, 2015 by Alan

For the ISearch project I decided to use, what I believe to be a crucial note in the book’s progression. Since I’m reading Dracula I chose the time when Jonathan found a south-facing window. Primarily when he found the window he saw it had a beautiful view and quickly realized that he could see the Count’s room. I’m interested with this detail because it shows human resourcefulness and that even when you’re all powerful and a vampire, like Dracula, sometimes you miss things. It also interest me because I thought that Dracula would be able the see Jonathan through the window and look around for anyone seeing him?

It’s a very crucial part of the book because if it were not to happen then Jonathan wouldn’t see Dracula crawl down the wall in a lizard-like fashion, be able the sneak into Dracula’s room, or attempt to kill him. Jonathan would have slowly got more suspicious of the Count but not fast enough as it did when he saw the count crawl down the wall, convincing Jonathan that Dracula is some demon from hell and he should take precautions.

Alan Turner


  1. soiseth says:

    Is it fair to conclude that Stoker included only as a plot device then? Why south-facing?

    • Alan says:

      Perhaps since it was south-facing and winter Jonathan would be able to see the Moon making it more dramatic when he saw the female vampires flying towards him. Or he really just wanted it to be south-facing because it sounds cool. You never know!

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